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Lookit What We Did!

Just a few samples of finished works

  • MonkeyFist Brewing 3

    This was a logo project completed in Jan-2016.

  • My VO Box 2

    Logo project for a new virtual office mailbox solutions company.

  • Law Office of Omar Misleh 4

    Full business set and identity for Misleh Law.

  • Got Hogs? 5

    This is the final logo for a hog removal service in the South Eastern USA.

  • Oaktree Talent Partners 12

    Identity completed for an Executive Search and Leadership Consultancy firm in Sydney, Australia.

  • Vax Atlas 4

    Logo refresh project for a healthcare (vaccination) technology company.

  • Pelli Consultants Group 7

    New identity design for restoration specialists on the East Coast USA.

  • Clearly Heard 3

    This was a classy brochure completed for a client relations specialist group.

  • Renegade Union 2

    Stars and Frets - final concept for a cover band based in Massachusetts.

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You have the right to remain satisfied. Anything you say can, and will, be used to create and amaze your audience.

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We hold the public image of your company, service or product in top regard and offer sound advice on the execution of your branding efforts.


Having worked with many clients through the years from all walks of life, we have developed a keen sensibility for creating a fine balance of our clients' needs and desires.

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